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Soong-type Android: Prototype 4.

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Important Physical Characteristics: Lore looks exactly like his brother Data. Physically, there is absolutely no difference between the two-- except for maybe the smirk Lore has on his face most of the time.

Also! Lore is technically a dead character. But of course, he was not biologically alive to begin with, so it is up to you if your pup might be able to sense that he is dead (if your pup has that kind of power, that is). Contact me with any questions. And for now, I have decided that Lore cannot leave the Bar. (I think your pups will thank me. ;D )

Lore was created before Data, also by Dr. Noonien "Often-Wrong" Soong. He was everything his creator wanted him to be-- almost human in his emotional complexities, and his capacity for goals and ambitions.

Maybe he was a little... too human.

With strength and intelligence that surpassed that of human beings, Lore became arrogant. He began to see how useless it was to try to fit in with them (even though he was good at it). He developed greater ambitions. He sought out more advanced life forms, and made contact with a crystalline entity, whose gratitude he earned in exchange for the lives of all the human colonists on Omicron Theta.

Lore was disassembled before it was too late (well... it was too late for the 400 unfortunate colonists). He remained in pieces on Omicron Theta until his younger brother came and put him back together again.

After that, Lore spent his time doing whatever he wanted, and making Data's life hell whenever possible. He is insanely jealous of his brother-- his replacement-- and sought revenge by stealing the emotion chip that his father made for Data. He no longer has this chip, but it was damaged before Data was able to recover it. Damaged when Data shot him, and injured him, and before Data deactivated him for good.

Lore is a much more complicated character than Data. He has emotions that are even stronger and more complex than that of a human's, and he has plenty of reasons to be bitter. He is jealous, mischievious, arrogant, and even sadistic at times. On the other hand, he loves his brother and he loved his father, even though he hates to love them both. The thought of Dr. Soong dying scared him a little. And he tried to team up with Data once before he was deactivated. It would have been perfect, too... He would have given his little brother everything he wanted, as long as Data let him have control. It was a shame things didn't work out that way...

His last words were, "I love you, brother."

Episodes that Lore appears in:
-"Datalore" (Season 1)
-"Brothers" (Season 4)
-"Descent: Part I+II" (Seasons 6+7)

Some links (if you're interested):
-Wikipedia Blurb
-Memory Alpha Page (ST Wiki)

Disclaimer: The character Lore is from Star Trek: The Next Generation and is the property of Gene Roddenberry/ Paramount Pictures. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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