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"Who is that, Father?"

"That's Lore. He's your brother."

Two eyes stare back in the memory—angry, hurt, distrusting. But the owner of the memory does not process any of that. He stands, to greet this person who is like him, this person called his "brother."

"Hello, Lore."


Lore had to do it. It was the only way to be sure that Data would be faithful to him no matter what. And when his brother failed the test, he had no choice but to eliminate the only other being in the galaxy who would be intelligent enough to outsmart him and upset his plans. For the sake of his followers.

But Lore would be lying to himself if he didn't acknowledge that the thought of destroying his brother gave him some amount of pleasure. It would have been nice to be rid of him forever. Data has given him nothing but trouble since he was activated.

The fact that Lore actually grew to care about him a little was perhaps the most troublesome part of it all.

But that's all over now. Lore is getting out of here, and he's determined never to see Data again. He's certain that Data won't bother to follow. He never did before.


Lore turns around, a little startled. His brother is standing there, a phaser in hand. Lore can't resist scoffing. As if he would ever

"You should be careful with that, Brother. Someone could get hurt," he taunts. But he's alarmed to realize that his voice isn't quite as steady as normal.

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Data is angry. And all of it is directed at his brother now.

"What are you doing?" Data asks. Lore is working on some sort of console.

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"I've got a way out of here," Lore replies, thinking carefully. He turns to look at Data.

"I'm willing to forget what happened back there," he says. "Take you with me… We don't need anyone else. We're brothers."

Lore watches Data's expression for any sign that he's changing his mind. But there's nothing.

It shouldn't matter. It shouldn't disappoint him.

But it does.

"I'll give you the chip our father made," he tries. That earns a small reaction. But it's not enough… Maybe if Lore could just disable him, and talk to him a little more…

"It contains much more than just emotions—it has memories," he continues, covertly reaching down to lift up the fingernail of his left index finger. "Memories… our father wanted you to have…"

He pushes the button. While Data is distracted with the sudden loss of feeling, he turns to grab his phaser.

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Data takes in a sharp breath, momentarily distracted. But he is still able to fire his phaser in time.

Lore slumps over the chair he'd been sitting on, paralyzed from the blast.

Data lowers his phaser, and simply looks at his brother for a moment. He is not angry at him. He cannot feel anything anymore. And he knows what he must do… There is no getting through to Lore.

It is… regrettable.

He walks over finally, kneeling to open the panel on the back of Lore's head.

"Lore. I must deactivate you now," he tells his brother, quietly.

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Lore never expected it to end this way.

He's scared. He doesn't want to die… He almost envies Data now, who will never know what that's like.

Lore wasn't able to destroy the chip completely, when he realized that Data's phaser blast was going to hit him. But he was able to damage it to the point where it probably won't work anymore.

"Without me… you will never feel emotion again," he tells Data. His systems are failing…

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Data pauses for a moment to consider this. He is… okay with that. It cannot bother him anymore. "I know," he says. "But you leave me no other choice."

He wonders—briefly, as he works—what he would feel right now, if he could feel anything. Part of him wants to think that he would feel sad. He remembers the words of his father regarding Lore, how Dr. Soong said it was a shame that he was never able to fix him.

"He wasn't given the chance that you and I were given."

Data is not certain that he actually would feel sad. But he is content to imagine that he would.

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Lore's systems are failing…

He is scared. Why is Data doing this to him?

He does not want to die.


Systems failing.

"I… love you.. Brother…"


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Data stops for a moment. It is very possible that Lore is lying to him.

But he will choose to believe him, anyway.

He cannot return the sentiment, however. He never did feel love for his brother. And now, he supposes, he never will.

"Goodbye, Lore," he says, then shuts his brother down for good.

Suddenly, he is alone. Not simply alone in this room, either… There is no longer anyone else like him in the universe. He has no family.

But that cannot bother him anymore.

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